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VFCC provides veterans an unprecedented military transition to a rewarding fitness career by providing a cutting edge online personal training certification, job placement, mentorship and unparalleled online support resources.




Business Accelerator Program


For the sole purpose of helping you build a thriving fitness training business, this course is designed to teach you proven fitness entrepreneurship strategies along with the fundamentals and best practices of business communcation and entrepreneurship with a focus on fitness marketing and sales.

The online educational portion of the course is followed by a 10 month virtual Apprenticeship Program with the course author, Chris Paschane. The apprenticeship portion is designed to help you transfer theory learned from your readings directly into attainable goals for that year.

Course Outline:

  • The Fitness Entrepreneur’s Win-Win Proposal
  • Effective Business Communication
  • Team Development
  • Customers & Marketing
  • Marketing:
    • How to Identify Your Ideal Target Market
    • How to Find Your First 10 Prospects
    • How to Build Your Referral Base
    • How to Create Your Marketing Blue Print
    • Advanced Lead Generation Strategies
    • How to Qualify Your Prospects
    • How to Turn Your Phone Inquiries Into Appointments
    • How to Convert Your Qualified Prospects Into a CLIENTS
  • Client Retention:
    • The Fundamental Rules For Client Retention
    • Advanced Strategies for “Long-Term” Client Retention
  • Strategic Tools for Organizational Strategy & Personal Growth
    • Vision Statement
    • Mission Statement
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Code of Ethics & Conduct
    • Goals & Objectives
    • Action Plan
    • Contingency Plan
  • Creating Your Growth Matrix
  • Application of Ethics in Marketing in Today’s Business Environment
  • Public Relations Basics:
    • Discussions in Ethical Communications in Public Relations
    • Four C’s
    • Goals, Strategies, and Key Messages
    • Media Options
    • News Releases
    • Partnering with Government and non-Profit Orgs
    • Message Mapping
  • How to Design Your Branding Website and Their Landing / Squeeze Pages
  • How to Write Your Add Copy with an Irresistible Offer; a USP, and a Strong Close
  • Understanding Risk and Reward with Owning Your Own Health Club or Fitness Studio
    • Determining if a Business is Viable
    • Analyzing a Business Venture
    • How to Value a Business: Considerations for Buying an Existing Gym
    • Franchise Opportunities: Considerations When Buying into a Gym Franchise

Have questions? Need more information? Contact Chris Paschane directly.







  • The Future of the Fitness Industry
  • The Golden Rule to Building a Successful Fitness Business
  • 5 Elements that will Explode Your Business
  • How to Overcome the Three Greatest Barriers to Your Success


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