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At VFCC we provide our veteran students a combination of superior course content along with VFCC's talented all-veteran faculty in a flexible and convenient unprecedented learning opportunity.

As a student at VFCC, you have the ability to learn both the fitness sciences and business sciences (i.e. the entrepreneurship knowledge needed to build your business).

We offer two courses that may be taken separately or as one via our complete Fitness Entrepreneurship Program. The two courses we offer are:

  • Fitness Training Certification Course
  • Business Communication Revenue Accelerator

VFCC Fitness Training Certification Course:       Full Syllabus   

Undergraduate Continuing Education Credit Hours (CEU's): 6.5 hours (at participating academic institutions)

This eight-week program is designed for veterans and students interested in pursuing a fitness training career. Military veterans are targeted for enrollment to help them develop a niche in the fitness industry, but the course is open to non-veterans as well. The online course is taught by 27 of the most well-known and progressive health and fitness educators in the fitness industry. They are professors, physical therapists, exercise physiologists, biomechanists and some of the top personal trainers in the world. In addition, program support and guidance are provided by our team, a group of highly qualified veterans of the armed forces who all have extensive experience in the fitness industry.

The wellness industry is one of the 30 fastest growing job markets in the country. Because of VFCC’s employment partnerships with Gold’s Gym, 24 Hour Fitness, and other health clubs, students acquiring VFCC’s Level One Fitness Training Certification will have a unique advantage in securing employment as a personal trainer or fitness instructor in a gym or health club.

The course consists of online instruction, including videos, downloadable text, video-based questions and answers, questionnaires, and online workshops and webcasts. Students enrolled have access to support services, tutoring, coaching. Students also have electronic access to a Global Fitness Community and library.

Topics of study include human anatomy; the cardiovascular, nervous, digestive, endocrine, and energy systems; biomechanics; nutrition; physiology; behavior training; movement; personal training; communication; motivation; myofascial lines; metabolic techniques; basic exercise science; exercise equipment; liability and risk.

Students spend 8 clock hours per week and must complete 65 clock hours of instruction and pass an exam at the end of the course. Successful graduates will be awarded a lifetime Alumni Membership with the Veterans Fitness Career College Global Community, and they will be prepared to take the PTA Global Certification test which is recognized internationally. Some students may also be eligible to have the course documented as a S or U on a University/College transcript with our partners. Contact before enrolling if you are interested in having the course documented on a college transcripts you will need to enroll through one of our partners.

"VFCC has an awesome fitness training program. I highly recommend  fitness training as a life career and recommend this program to get you started and carry you through."

Jereme Olson, MBA, VFCC Alumni & Army Medical Support Assistant

Course content:

  • Personal Training and Body Systems: Students are introduced to the field of Personal Training. Important systems within the body are discussed: cardiovascular; nervous; digestive; endocrine; and energy. The scope of common practice is presented and discussed.
  • Physiology and Biomechanics: This module focuses on the skeletal system, muscle physiology, and biomechanics. Lifestyles are discussed. How to make serious work more fun is covered.
  • Risk and Liability: Risk and liability are serious issues in this field of study. Recommendations are provided regarding the management of these, while maintaining a client focus. Benchmarks are presented.
  • Fitness, Nomenclature and Equipment: This field has unique language and equipment which must be mastered. Utilizing these effectively takes time and practice. Customizing exercises and preventing injuries are focused upon here. The importance of flexibility is emphasized.
  • Basic Exercise Science, Anatomy and Program Design: This module concentrates on adapting basic exercise science principles into individualized program designs. Functional anatomy, posture, weight loss, wellness and conditioning are topics of attention. Various approaches to program design are analyzed.
  • Movement and Motivation: The importance of movement to good health is emphasized. Manipulating workouts and making them fun is covered. The importance of stretching and games are discussed.
  • Exercise Progression and Workplace Practices: How to accurately assess progress is presented. Exercise progression and timing are discussed. Changing behavior and motivations are covered in some depth.
  • Nutrition: Nutrition and body fat are focused upon in this module. Special groups – women, children, the elderly – are discussed. Effective practices are presented.
  • Review The last session deals with final exam preparation and course evaluation.

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"This a an awesome program for VETS looking to enter the fitness industry."

Tony Davenport, M.S., CSRT, VFCC Alumni, & USMC Veterans

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Business Communication Revenue Accelerator:

This course will prepare you for career success with the following course topics:

  • How to Identify Your Ideal Target Market
  • How to Find Your First 10 Prospects
  • How to Build Your Referral Base
  • How to Qualify Your Prospects
  • How to Turn Phone Inquiries Into Appointments
  • How to Convert Qualified Prospects Into a CLIENTS
  • The Fundamental Rules For Client Retention
  • Advanced Strategies for “Long-Term” Client Retention
  • The REAL R.E.A.S.O.N. Employers will hire or fire you.
  • How to Secure Long-Term Employment at High-End Health Clubs
  • Advanced Strategies for Filling the Slow Mid-Day Schedule
  • How to Create Your Marketing Blue Print
  • How to Make Extra Revenue Through Affiliate Programs
  • How to Design a Branding Website and Your Landing / Squeeze Pages
  • How to Write Add Copy with an Irresistible Offer; a USP, and a Strong Close
  • Advanced Lead Generation Strategies
  • Understanding Risk and Reward with Owning Your Own Health Club or Fitness Studio

This course is designed and taught by Chris Paschane who with his 24 years of experience in fitness, strength, and sports performance training, is a proven fitness industry strategist and entrepreneur who earned an MBA in entrepreneurship with Summa Cum Laude honors.


  • The Future of the Fitness Industry
  • The Golden Rule to Building a Successful Fitness Business
  • 5 Elements that will Explode Your Business
  • How to Overcome the Three Greatest Barriers to Your Success

America's Heroes:

Employment Solutions in Fitness for Veterans

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that Fitness Training, within a booming wellness industry nearing $1 Trillion, is "one of the 30 fastest growing jobs markets...ideal for veterans and transitioning service members."

According to current veteran statistics we have over 1.4 million active military personnel along with the 1.1 million military members who currently serve in the National Guard and Reserve forces. In addition to these 2.5 million military members, we have over 22.5 million veterans. That’s over 25 million Americans who have served or is currently serving in the Armed Services—that’s about 1 out of every 9 Americans "who, at one point in his/her life, wrote a blank check made payable to The United States of America, for an amount of up to, and including his/her life" (American Legion Post 4, 2011).

According to a 2008 Department of Veterans Affairs report, 4.4 million of our veterans have been discharged since 1990—two million of which served in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.  In addition to these staggering numbers another 39,000 just recently came home from Iraq along with another 10,000 from Afghanistan which should be followed by another 23,000 in the summer of 2012.  

With so many veterans returning home in the last few years, we are seeing historic unemployment numbers with veterans. In 2010, the unemployment rate for veterans was already almost a full percentage higher than non-veterans.  By July of 2011, as the Iraq and Afghani-era veterans returned home, unemployment increased to a record 12.4%.

Transitioning out of the military is difficult enough as it is; add to this that veterans are now struggling to find any kind of employment—let alone an enjoyable and financially rewarding employment opportunity. In 2007, those veterans who did find jobs were earning less than $22,000 a year.

Veterans are in need of a sustainable and rewarding career option where they can support themselves and their families. As a viable career option many veterans have chosen to pursue a career in fitness.

With a recent rise in salary rates for fitness professionals, many veterans are finding opportunities to make twice the salary of what they could make in other career fields (i.e. $53,000 on average).

In fact, Fitness Trainers who develop their business and sales skills commonly move on to become Fitness Managers and Gym Owners who will often make 2- 3 times this amount earning incomes from $100,000 - $150,000.



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