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Veterans Fitness Career Collaborative



Academic Institutions:

VFCC has partnered with multiple colleges and universities throughout the United States who are proud to join the Collaborative.



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"VFCC, Your creativity, entrepreneurial record, intelligence, and public relations skills are highlighted and noteworthy. Your spirit and work are exemplary and Ashland University is pleased to partner with you on providing better employment opportunities for vets. Your efforts are timely and making a positive difference for many people in need of personal assistance. We are proud to be associated with you. Please keep up your outstanding service."   - Dr.John Sikula, Director of Adult Studies & Veteran Services Ashland University’s Founders School of Continuing Education

Chris,...I really believe in what you're doing...I'll continue to put the VFCC name out to all of our Cadets and veteran affiliates in any way that I can...Thank you for your past service and present service. -Courtney Morris, University of Texas at Arlington

"The VFCC Fitness Training Certificate Program is comprehensive and challenging. The information is comparable to what you’d expect in a course at a college or university.  What’s more, the course is 'taught' by an impressive roster of fitness professionals, some of whom are well known throughout the fitness industry. Having been employed in the fitness industry at the collegiate level since 1983, it’s my professional opinion that VFCC has developed a highly reputable certification program and I would recommend it to anyone in fitness." - Matt Brzycki,  Asst. Director of Campus Recreation at Princeton University and Part-Time Lecturer Department of Exercise Science and Sport Studies at Rutgers University and USMC Veteran

Health Clubs / Gyms:

Joining the Collaborative are many health club organizations, having over 2000 combined locations across the globe.

Gym Owners, Join the Collaborative.

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“Our partnership with the VFCC will allow veterans to begin a new chapter in their lives.The unemployment rate amongst our nation’s veterans is unacceptably high and Gold’s Gym is proud to provide an opportunity for veterans to work at our gyms and transition into civilian life through the VFCC program.” -Todd Scartozzi, Chief Operating Officer of Gold’s Gym

We partnered with VFCC because I really believe our heroes need some career help when they come home. In my experience veterans are very organized, passionate and trustworthy people willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. Working with VFCC allows my company to give something back to people who sacrafice everything for our freedom".

- Charles DeFrancesco, Co-owner of Pure Fitness Group

Industry Expert Career Mentors:

VFCC has recruited and organized over 100 "Career Mentors" who are experienced and credentialed fitness experts who volunteer their time providing our students the social support, guidance, and mentorship they will need to be successful in starting their fitness careers.

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"First of all, kudos to you for starting an organization that will benefit veterans, those of whom might feel misplaced after coming back from serving. I am a Coast Guard veteran who has been educating fitness trainers for over 12 years and I own a business focused on creating exercise programs for people with disabilities.I would be very interested in mentoring for VFCC."

-Wesley Norris, BS, CSCS



Veteran Non-profit Organizations:

VFCC has partnered with many non-profits who share the same passion to help veterans get healthy and employed.


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Chris, thanks so much. I really believe in what you're doing, and I'll continue to put the VFCC name out to all of our Cadets and veteran affiliates in any way that I can. If I wasn't on a long-term active duty contract, I would seriously consider your program myself. Again thank you for your past service and present service. Respectfully, -Courtney A. Morris 2LT, USAROTC Gold Bar Recruiter The University of Texas at Arlington

"VFCC has an awesome fitness training program.  I have recommended it to many veterans through my work with Swords to Plowshares and Vietnam Veterans of California.  At the Reitenbach Institute of Tae Kwon Do, we are working on a plan to incorporate the VFCC Fitness Training Certification Course as part of our programs for veterans and non-veterans. I have also made several referrals to government agencies because of his excellent company and program. It has been my privilege and an honor to work with VFCC" - Michael Kissinger , Business Development Director at Profit Builders Inc. and Reitenbach Institute and Army Special Forces Veteran

"Mr. Paschane and the VFCC Team have the leadership skills that exemplify true greatness. They are 100% committed to delivering the best fitness e-Learning experience at VFCC. Their enthusiasm and determination is an inspiration to me and so many other veterans. Chris and the VFCC team are doing something really awesome and I'm proud to be involved." -Gary Carpenter, Board of Directors for the Veterans Business Owners Association

“In the veteran's support world, you can certainly fine virtuous veterans helping veterans, really smart businessmen, and expert practitioners. Unfortunately, it impossible to find these all wrapped up in one veteran advocate company. Well, almost impossible...VFCC is proof that commitment to veterans, smart business development, and application of expert skills earned over decades of work CAN be found in one company. To top that off - their sense of ethics is nothing less than you'd expect from military veterans - peerless. If your education and/or veterans' initiatives are aligned with VFCC, you'll find no better partner, provider, or colleague!" -Andy Gibbs, US Army Veteran; Chairman at Patriot Enterprise Project; Chairman, Veterans Business Institute


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