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Seeking Fitness Expert Mentors for Veterans

The Veterans Fitness Career College is always looking for seasoned fitness leaders who are eager to positively support a veteran transitioning into a fitness career.  

For a few hours, once or twice a month, you can share your valuable knowledge, support, and friendship with a veteran. By simply sharing with your assigned veteran your perspective on what a career in the fitness industry can offer, you may literally change their life.  And sometimes it’s as simple as telling your story or providing them a trusted, objective opinion.

This may be a long-distance virtual/phone relationship or a local, in-person one—it all depends on where you are and where they are. Either way, these veterans need a caring mentor with a solid education in fitness and at least 5 years experience working full-time within the fitness industry.

Most our veterans will be in the middle of obtaining a fitness education and/or just entering or currently seeking to enter the fitness work force. These veterans need your experience, knowledge, and guidance--above all they just need an encouraging voice who they can trust.

Why do we need Fitness Mentors?

According to current veteran statistics we have over 1.4 million active military personnel along with the 1.1 million military members who currently serve in the National Guard and Reserve forces. In addition to these 2.5 million military members, we have over 22.5 million veterans. That’s over 25 million Americans who have served or is currently serving in the Armed Services—that’s about 1 out of every 9 Americans "who, at one point in his/her life, wrote a blank check made payable to The United States of America, for an amount of up to, and including his/her life" (American Legion Post 4, 2011).

We are seeing historic unemployment numbers with veterans. In 2010, the unemployment rate for veterans was already almost a full percentage higher than non-veterans.  By July of 2011, as the Iraq and Afghani-era veterans returned home, unemployment increased to a record 12.4%.

Transitioning out of the military is difficult enough as it is; add to this that veterans are now struggling to find any kind of employment—let alone an enjoyable and financially rewarding employment opportunity. In 2007, those veterans who did find jobs were earning less than $22,000 a year.

Veterans are in need of a sustainable and rewarding career option where they can support themselves and their families. As a viable career option many veterans have chosen to pursue a career in fitness.

With a recent rise in salary rates for fitness professionals, many veterans are finding opportunities to make twice the salary of what they could make in other career fields (i.e. $53,000 on average).

Research shows that having the positive influence of a Mentor makes a real difference in an individual’s success.


So join our team of volunteers that give a veteran someone who can advise and support them. And learn why so many Mentors say, “I get back so much more than I give.”

Ready to be a Fitness Mentor? Just fill out our simple online application. After you complete it, a VFCC staff member will contact you to obtain your resume and arrange an interview with VFCC Founder & CEO, Chris Paschane. 

NOTE: Some of these veterans may be suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and/or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). If this is the case, and you’re comfortable in moving forward with the veteran, we will provide you all the resources you’ll need to understand these issues and how to work through them with your veteran fitness protégé.

Why Hire VFCC Veterans
at Your Health Club?

Veterans make "Ideal Fitness Trainers"
Bureau of Labor Statistics







With more than 870,000 unemployed veterans along with another 150-200k added annually, due to normal attrition, there is no doubt that the need and the opportunity to help veterans is enormous. 
Now with
historic government tax credit incentives in place, hiring veterans is    not only more important than ever,     it's more profitable than ever.





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