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Patriot Area Leaders (PAL)

What is a PAL?

The VFCC Patriot Area Leaders (aka PALs) are volunteer Fitness Leaders who are joining arms with the VFCC community to help us get the word out about our academic and job placement programs designed to help veterans improve their health and find gainful employment in the fitness industry.

Why does VFCC need PALs?

VFCC needs PALs to help spread the word about this tremendous opportunity for our veterans.

VFCC is focused on “Healing the Health and Wealth of America’s Best (i.e. our veterans)”. Just over 11% of the adult population (25.6 million) has served or is serving in the armed forces. Of these veterans more than 3.3 million have a service-connected disability and need help improving their health. As an even more relevant and pressing matter, there are over 870,000 unemployed veterans who are seeking gainful employment. VFCC provides these veterans (and their spouses) an opportunity to get healthy, help others, and create a rewarding and sustainable career in fitness.

Who is eligible to be a PAL?

We are seeking Fitness Trainers / Educators who:

  • Have a passion to help veterans improve their health and find gainful employment in fitness
  • Enjoy speaking to large audiences on TV and/or radio
  • Are well-spoken, organized and most importantly, a leader
  • Have a national fitness certification
  • Have at least 3 years experience working in the fitness industry
  • Would be willing to devote one or two hours a week as a volunteer

How do PALs help VFCC?

PALs are volunteers who will, as time allows, help in the following areas:

  • Speak to audiences (arranged by VFCC) on behalf of VFCC on TV and radio
  • Utilize the VFCC Media Success Kit to acquire additional local and national publicity
  • Contribute weekly to VFCC Social Cause Marketing efforts by sharing your PAL page
  • Contribute your ideas and suggestions towards improving VFCC operations and marketing efforts

How does VFCC help their PALs in return?

By joining arms with us and becoming a part of the VFCC Community, we are going to share many of our resources with you to not only empower you to be a more effective PAL, but to also help you build your business by providing you a powerful, relevant and unique platform to promote your business.  Here are just a few things we do for our PALs:

  • More Credibility: To provide you the credibility you'll need to be successful, we will design you a customized VFCC Patriot Area Leader Page. As they key component to this program, our IT team will build you an individually customized PAL Web Page on the VFCC website. This page will include links to all your personal or business websites, as well as links to all your social communities (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), your full bio, picture, all your contact information, client testimonies and more. All media will be directed to this page to contact you. As a bonus, by linking this page to your website, your own website's SEO will increase and you will notice a significant amount of followers in your social communities.  
  • Tons of Free Publicity: To jump start your exposure, VFCC will blog and tweet a story about you to our 65,000 followers. Best of all, we will send out a customized Press Release about you joining our team as a PAL to over 7000 article directories with backlinks to your PAL Page and over 1000 relevant media, magazine, TV outlets.


  • Media Success Kit:
- Simple directions and sound bites for communicating with the press about VFCC
- Simple Step-by-step guide on how to get tons of local and national publicity

  • VFCC Identity Kit:
- VFCC Twitter and YouTube background image
- VFCC Press Kit

- VFCC “PAL” Business Cards
If you're ready to make a difference in the life of a hero while simulatenously boosting your own fitness training business, then you're ready to be our PAL.

Contact Chris Paschane, VFCC Founder and CEO now to get started at

Patriot Area Leaders:



VFCC would like to welcome our newest Patriot Area Leader, Clark Bevans.

Bevans is a Managing Member of Unitas Fit Concepts LLC. Unitas operates and owns Anytime Fitness Clubs in the Orange County area.  One Anytime Fitness Club is open in Fountain Valley with nine (9) others expected to open within the next 18-24 months.

Anytime Fitness -Fountain Valley, CA, a recently Certified Veteran Friendly Fitness Organization, is eager to provide career opportunities to veteran VFCC graduates at their health club.

Bevans has been helping Marines at Camp Pendleton for many years, which is why he jumped at the opportunity to get Certified as a VFFO. Bevans says he is eager to hire Marines at his health clubs where he and his team work to inspire and enrich the lives of others.

Bevans is a decorated USMC Veteran who served from 1992-2001.  In addition to his achievements in the Marines, Bevans has been very successful in the health club and fitness industry over the last 15 years where he has been a managing partner and/or Manager with companies such as Gold’s Gym, 24 Hour Fitness, Bodies in Motion and Evolution Fitness.

On top of all of this, Bevans has found the time to compete professionally in MMA with a 4-0 record.


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