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VFCC: Code of Conduct

VFCC Corporate Code of Conduct:


 All faculty members, employees, learners, agents and other personnel at Veterans Fitness Career College (VFCC) must read and follow the rules of the Code of Conduct so that VFCC can better ensure that its actions do not violate any laws or regulations. If you violate any of these rules, you will be disciplined, which may include immediate job termination.

If you believe that any other person is violating any of these rules of the Code of Conduct, you must inform Chris Paschane directly via email at There will be no retaliation against anyone who makes a report in good faith. On the other hand, if you fail to report a violation of the Code of Conduct that you know about, you will be disciplined, which may include immediate job termination. These rules cannot, nor are they intended to, cover every situation that you may encounter. When the best course of action is unclear, you must inform your department administrator of the situation.

When applying these rules of the Code of Conduct, keep foremost in mind that VFCC is guided at all times by the values of integrity, compassion and respect for the dignity of every person. VFCC’s mission is to provide quality training for successful employment through education, certification, externships, job placement, and advocacy. VFCC pursues this mission by sustaining excellence in educating their faculty members, employees, learners, agents and other personnel; by maintaining the highest level of integrity in all communication and image as it relates to VFCC; by practicing dignity, respect, humility, and justice at all times.

Business Conduct:

Follow all commitments of VFCC’s Mission Statement and use good judgment and high ethical standards in the performance of your job responsibilities. Be honest with all people inside and outside VFCC. Never be dishonest. Do not engage in outside business activities while at work.

Financial and Student Records:

 Make sure all financial and student records for which you are responsible are accurate and maintained as required by federal and state law. Never make unauthorized changes in financial and student records. Never destroy, alter or throw away documents that have been requested or are likely to be requested by any government agency.

VFCC College Property:

Use VFCC property for business purposes only. Return to VFCC any equipment or material you take off site for business reasons.

Workplace Environment:

 Respect all VFCC personnel, students and associates. Do your part to make this a healthy, friendly and cooperative workplace environment. Maintain a safe and healthful work area. Report immediately any unsafe or hazardous working conditions, to your department manager.


Keep confidential any information you receive about VFCC. Only discuss that information with VFCC personnel who have a "need to know." If anyone outside VFCC asks you to give them information about VFCC, report immediately that request to Chris Paschane directly via email at Maintain confidentiality even after you stop working for VFCC. Never discuss or disclose confidential information about VFCC. Never use confidential information for your own benefit.

Contact with the Government:

It is the policy of VFCC to comply fully with all state and federal laws and regulations. VFCC will cooperate with any reasonable request for information from any governmental entity. In doing so, it is essential that the legal rights of VFCC and its personnel are protected. If you receive an inquiry from a government investigator, whether oral or written, including but not limited to a subpoena, a search warrant, or other legal document regarding VFCC's business, whether at home or in the workplace, VFCC requests that you immediately notify Chris Paschane directly via email at The law guarantees all of us a right to be represented by legal counsel during any investigation or inquiry by any governmental agency. In view of the extremely technical nature of these investigations, we believe that VFCC itself should be represented and that you should at least be made aware of the opportunity for personal representation.

Gifts and Gratuities:

 External constituents sometimes offer gifts, also referred to as gratuities, in an attempt to influence an employee’s conduct in relationship to the gift giver. In order to avoid a conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict of interest, at no time should an employee solicit or accept gifts from a vendor or contractor or from a potential vendor or contractor. No gift can be accepted by VFCC employees or team members, and should be returned immediately to the donor. Acceptance of social invitations from individuals doing business with, or seeking to do business with, VFCC when such invitations can be construed as an intention to influence an employee’s decision, and the cost to the host of such entertainment would appear to be excessive is prohibited.

Gifts of money to an employee in any amount cannot be accepted at any time and should be returned immediately to the donor. Gifts which are promotional items without significant value, and which are distributed routinely by a vendor to clients, are acceptable.

Equal Employment, Harassment/Discrimination and Related Laws and Regulations:

VFCC is committed to a work environment free of harassment and disruptive behavior, and to providing an equal opportunity work environment where every member of the VFCC community is treated with fairness, dignity and respect. No one shall discriminate against any individual on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, disability, national origin, sexual preference or any other factor prohibited by law.

The VFCC policy against harassment, including sexual harassment, discourages consensual sexual relationships between supervisors and employees and expressly forbids such relationships between a member of the faculty or staff and a student.

Drug and Weapon Free Workplace :

The unlawful possession of a weapon or the unlawful manufacture, distribution, possession or use of a controlled substance in or on any premises or property where VFCC conducts training or any other form of business is prohibited. Any member of the VFCC Team who is found guilty or has a sentence, fine or other criminal penalty imposed by a court for any offense involving a weapon or a controlled substance that occurred at or around VFCC’s places of business shall report such action to Chris Paschane directly via email at within five days of the finding.

Any member of the VFCC Team who unlawfully manufactures, sells, distributes, possesses or uses a controlled substance on or around VFCC’s places of business, regardless of whether such activity results in the imposition of a penalty under a criminal statute, will be subject to disciplinary action, including dismissal from employment, or may be required to participate satisfactorily in an approved drug assistance or rehabilitation program or both.

VFCC Contract Faculty Members:

  • should accurately communicate and provide health and fitness, educational, preventive, rehabilitative, and/or research information equitably to all individuals regardless of social or economic status, age, gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, disability, diverse values, attitudes, or opinions.
  • should be responsible and accountable for individual non-medical judgments and decisions about health and fitness, preventive, rehabilitative, educational, and/or research services.
  • should maintain high quality professional competence through continued study of the latest laboratory techniques and research in health and fitness, preventive and rehabilitative services.
  • are expected to conduct health and fitness, preventive, rehabilitative, educational, research, and other scholarly activities in accordance with recognized legal, scientific, ethical, and professional standards.
  • should respect and protect the privacy, rights, and dignity of all individuals by not disclosing health and fitness, rehabilitative, and/or research information unless required by law or when confidentiality jeopardizes the health and safety of others.
  • are expected to call attention to unprofessional health and fitness, preventive, rehabilitative, educational, and/or research services that result from incompetent, unethical, or illegal professional behavior.
  • should contribute to the ongoing development and integrity of the profession by being responsive to, mutually supportive, and accurately communicating academic and other qualifications to colleagues and associates in the health and fitness, preventive, rehabilitative, educational and/or research services and programs.
  • should participate in the profession's efforts to establish high quality services by avoiding conflicts of interest and endorsement of products in the health and fitness, preventive, and/or rehabilitative services and programs.
  • should participate in and encourage critical discourse to reflect the collective knowledge and practice within the exercise physiology profession to protect the public from misinformation, incompetence, and unethical acts.
  • should provide health and fitness, preventive, rehabilitative, and/or educational interventions grounded in a theoretical framework supported by research that enables a healthy lifestyle through choice.

VFCC student alumni / Fitness Trainers shall:

  • consider the prospect’s or client’s best interest as the number one priority
  • conduct themselves with honesty, integrity, professionalism, compassion, and a positive attitude
  • undertake only work they are competent to perform, and never exaggerate qualifications
  • refer clients to more qualified health or medical professionals when appropriate
  • recommend services only if they will benefit the client, not just to make a profit
  • provide safe and effective instruction appropriate for the client’s abilities and goals
  • provide equal and fair treatment to all clients
  • stay up-to-date on the latest health and fitness research
  • stay up-to-date on their employers facilities, programs, and rules
  • maintain current CPR and AED certificates and knowledge of first-aid services
  • comply with all business rules and employment laws
  • respect the privacy and maintain the confidentiality of client information at all times
  • establish and maintain clear professional boundaries
  • maintain a supportive attitude with fellow employees and work as a team player
  • avoid a conflict of interest with clients, peers, or employers
  • keep communication open and report to management any condition or practice they believe to be unsafe or contrary to this Code of Conduct
  • help to foster and maintain a friendly environment that makes everyone feel welcome and supported at your place of work
  • work to support and improve your facility to the best of their abilities at all times

   VFCC Testimonies:

“VFCC's care and consideration for fellow veterans is more than words can express. They motivated and inspired me by investing their time and knowledge in helping me figure out what I wanted to do to support my family. Mr. Paschane's confidence and knowledge in the fitness industry, ability to lead, coach, and train others is unquestionable and I felt nothing but comfort and trust while working with him. Thank you VFCC for everything.”

Tyrone Rodriguez, VFCC Alumni & USMC Veteran

"VFCC has an awesome fitness training program. I highly recommend  fitness training as a life career and recommend this program to get you started and carry you through."

Jereme Olson, VFCC Alumni & Army Medical Support Assistant

" VFCC has an awesome fitness training program.  I have recommended it to many veterans through my work with Swords to Plowshares and Vietnam Veterans of California.  At the Reitenbach Institute of Tae Kwon Do, we are working on a plan to incorporate the VFCC Fitness Training Certification Course as part of our programs for veterans and non-veterans. I have also made several referrals to government agencies because of his excellent company and program. It has been my privilege and an honor to work with VFCC"

Michael Kissinger , US Army Special Forces Veterans, Business Development Director at Profit Builders Inc. and Reitenbach Institute

"I highly recommend the e-learning experience to all of my military friends and acquaintances. Mr. Paschane, the CEO and founder, is someone that I look up to and someone who has coached me through some vital learning curves. He has demonstrated his ability to teach and lead by example.” 

Brenden Graves, VFCC Alumni & USMC Veteran

Accosting to the US Department of Labor, personal trainers will continue to be one of the top 10 fastest growing occupations at least through 2018. Want to start a high-growth career? Start right with VFCC's highly regarded program. In addittion, Chris Paschane is proof that commitment to veterans, smart business development, and application of expert skills earned over decades of work CAN be found in one person. To top that off - his sense of ethics is nothing less than you'd expect from a military veteran - peerless. If your business, veterans' initiatives or fitness interests are aligned with VFCC, you'll find no better partner, provider, or colleague!”

Andy Gibbs, US Army Veteran; Chairman at Patriot Enterprise Project; Chairman, Veterans Business Institute

"VFCC Team, your spirit and work are exemplary and Ashland University is pleased to partner with you on providing better employment opportunities for vets. Your efforts are timely and making a positive difference for many people in need of personal assistance. We are proud to be associated with you. Please keep up your outstanding service."

- Dr.John Sikula, Director, Division of Adult Studies & Veteran Services Ashland University’s Founders School of Continuing Education


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