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VFCC Course Authors and Online Educators


The VFCC Community, in partnership with PTA Global, has united the industry and its leaders while raising the bar and broadening the horizons of fitness education. Our team, consisting of 27 of the most well-known progressive Health & Fitness educators, is comprised of Professors, Physical Therapists, Exercise Physiologists, Biomechanists and some of the top Personal Trainers in the world!

        Paul Check                      Tom Purvis                       John Berardi                   Greg Roskopf

Take a look at who at our other cousre authors/online educators and what they deliver to our program:

Paul Chek:  The Digestive System and Special Interviews

Tom Purvis:  The Skeletal System and Biomechanics plus Special Interviews

Chris Paschane: Fitness Entrepreneurship

John Berardi:  Nutrition

Greg Roskopf:  The Nervous System and Special Interview

Mark Verstegen:  Special Interviews

Sally Edwards:  Endurance Programming

Chuck Wolf:  The Muscular System, Flexibility & Stretching

Gary & Doug Gray:  Function & 3D Motion and Special Interview

Anthony Carey:  Sports Injuries, Exercise Progressions and Special Interview

Gray Cook:  Special Interview

Peter Twist:  Group Training

Brian Grasso:  Exercise for Children

Mark Rabinoff:  Liability & Risk

Justin Price:  Client Orientation, Make & Receive Referrals & Special Interview

Mary Bratcher:  Marketing & Advertising and Special Interview

Christian Thompson:  Older Adults

Paul Taylor:  Endocrinology, Nutrition, Behavior Change & Exercise Medicine

Ian O’Dwyer:  SMR, Mobilizers, Customizing Gym Programs, Program Design

Michol Dalcourt:  Muscle Physiology, Human Design, Functional Anatomy, Viewing Posture, Core & Flexibility, Gym Terminology & Intro to Exercise

Scott Hopson:  Energy Systems, Programming Resistance Training, Fitness Markers, Cardio & Movement Recovery

Bobby Cappuccio:  Interviewer, Client Orientation, Personal Training Business, Marketing & Advertising, Personal Training Operations, How to Approach the Client on the Gym Floor

Rodney Corn:  Tour Guide, Basic Fitness Programming, Programming Resistance Training, Gym Terminology & Intro to Exercise, Core & Flexibility, SMR, Program Design and Applying Nomenclature (3Dmotion)

Annette Lang:  Exercise for Women (Pregnancy) and Special Interviews

Douglas Brooks:  Cardiovascular System and Special Interview





Chris Paschane, Founder & CEO

"The VFCC Fitness Training Certificate Program is comprehensive and challenging.  The information is comparable to what you’d find in a course at a college or university.  What’s more, the course is 'taught' by an impressive roster of fitness professionals, some of whom are well known throughout the fitness industry. Having been employed in the fitness industry at the collegiate level since 1983, it’s my professional opinion that VFCC has developed a highly reputable certification program and I would recommend it to anyone in fitness."- Matt Brzycki,  Asst. Director of Campus Recreation at Princeton University and Part-Time Lecturer Department of Exercise Science and Sport Studies at Rutgers University and USMC Veteran

"This is an awesome program for VETS looking to enter the fitness industry."
Tony Davenport, M.S., CSRT, VFCC Alumnus and  USMC Veteran

"VFCC has an awesome fitness training program. I highly recommend  fitness training as a life career and recommend this program to get you started and carry you through." - Jereme Olson, MBA, VFCC Alumnus & Army Medical Support Assistant

"I highly recommend the e-learning experience to all of my military friends and acquaintances. Mr. Paschane, the CEO and founder, is someone that I look up to and someone who has coached me through some vital learning curves. He has demonstrated his ability to teach and lead by example.- Brenden Graves, B.S.,VFCC Alumnus and USMC Veteran

"Accosting to the US Department of Labor, personal trainers will continue to be one of the top 10 fastest growing occupations at least through 2018. Want to start a high-growth career? Start right with VFCC's highly regarded program!”- Andy Gibbs, Chairman at Patriot Enterprise Project; Chairman, Veterans Business Institute,
Army and USMC Veteran


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