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Admissions and Financial Aid

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In a booming wellness industry nearing $1 trillion, Veterans Fitness Career College is a social-venture structured as a Service-connected Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) with an ALL VETERAN TEAM of seasoned fitness experts with extensive experience in the fitness industry focused on serving our U.S. Armed Forces community of active duty military, guardsmen, reservists, veterans, and their dependents, as well as our police officers, firefighters, and the general public by providing:

  • fitness education through a  non-college degree Fitness Training certificate program offered through our flexible online learning format or via our live class room instruction offered at various academic institutions
  • job placement and externships through our Veteran Friendly Fitness Organizations having over 2000 health club locations among them all
  • advocacy, support, and career guidance through our Global Veteran Team of seasoned fitness experts and our veteran non-profit and for-profit partners.

As veterans ourselves, we understand that embarking on this path is an investment of your time, energy and resources, but it’s an investment that will pay off in personal achievement, career advancement and expanded opportunities.  

Our admissions process is simple and direct so you may begin your career as soon as possible.

Need help funding your program? NO PROBLEM! 

WE HAVE INTERNAL SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE for veterans and other financial solutions.

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Also, be sure to ask your VFCC Student Counselor if you are eligible to recieve any of these

VA Educational Benefits and over 50 Veteran Scholarships.

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When I left active duty, finding a job/career was a nightmare. 11 years in the USMC, exemplary record, and good civilian education credentials--didn’t matter. In the course of literally hundreds of applications/interviews, I was told in a roundabout way by many employers, ‘so you led a Platoon of Marines in combat and you traveled all over the world in leadership positions-so what?' I know what it's like to be a veteran looking for a career niche in a world that doesn’t appreciate our credentials. So, in the absence of any other direction, I carved out my own niche in the fitness industry and I'm thankful I did."

-USMC Major Tommy Dunaway, VFCC Team Member, and Snap Fitness Gym Owner


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