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Chris Paschane, Founder and CEO

Julian and I 

Chris Paschane, MBA, BS, BABC, DT, YT, APT, RES, RTS, AFP, CM, is a USAF Gulf War Veteran with 80% service-connected disability. More importantly, he’s a Fitness Expert and a highly accomplished Fitness Industry Strategist with 30 years of experience in fitness training, teaching, coaching, pubic speaking, as well as in business development, sales and marketing which has all been fueled by his solid education both in physical fitness and business administration.

Paschane comes from a long family line of military veterans in all branches of service dating back to the Civil War. In the late 80’s, Paschane joined the United States Air Force and served in support of the Panama invasion referred to as "Operation Just Cause" in 1989; the Persian Gulf War from 1990 - 1991 including "Operation Desert Storm" followed by "Operation Desert Shield"; and Somalia from 1992 - 1993. During his first four years, Paschane served as a Cryogenics and Jet Fuel Specialist where he developed multiple debilitating back and joint problems, as well as other health problems leading to complications with the health of his liver and spleen due to excessive exposure to toxic chemicals. Regardless of these health setbacks, rating him with an 80% service-connected disability, Paschane remained focused on acquiring the knowledge and doing the work to get and stay healthy and fit.

Upon his honorable discharge from the USAF in 1994, Paschane joined the USAF Reserves to pursue a new career as a Diet Therapist / Morale, Welfare, Recreation Specialist with a secondary duty as a Combat Medic in the United States Air Force Active Reserves while also going to school full-time and starting a full-time "civilian" career as a Fitness Trainer at LA Workout where he was quickly recognized as the "Top Trainer".

Over the next three decades, Paschane was able to achieve great success in almost every aspect of the fitness industry. As an example, he has:

  • innovated products and marketing strategies as the North America Brand Manager for adidas Training 
  • owned two well-known fitness franchises (Apex Fitness in Beverly Hills; and Fitness Together in Yorba Linda)
  • led a large group of forty (40) gyms and their fitness departments in the central US for the brand Nutritionalysis which operated through a partnership with Gold's Gym & Sportelesis
  • managed multiple fitness departments for multiple organizations (e.g. Gold's Gym franchise in Hollywood, N. Hollywood, and Los Angeles; LA Fitness International, Inc. in Anaheim; 24 Hour Fitness in Irvine, Beverly Hills, and Sacramento; and Santa Clarita Athletic Club in Santa Clarita)
  • administered dietetic care and provided nutritional lectures to patients at Henry Mao New Hall Memorial Hospital in Valencia and at St. Vincent Medical Center in Los Angeles
  • taught a 6-week Fitness Certification Course at USC Dominguez Hills, Irvine Valley College, Santiago Canyon College, Riverside Community College, Mt. San Jacinto
  • prepared and tested students for multiple fitness certifying organizations (e.g. NASM, ACE, PFIT, ACIM, WITS, ISSA, and others)
  • produced record breaking sales as #1 distributor for Bowflex/Nautilus from 2000-2004
  • coached Professional UFC & Strikeforce MMA Fighters as their Strength & Conditioning Coach (e.g. Keith "the K.O. Kid" Berry)
  • trained countless individuals of all types including many well-known celebrities (e.g. Randy Jackson, Dr. Dre, Paul Reiser, Tim Allen, Wyclef Jean, and many others)
  • provided several hundred hours of public speaking at colleges, health clubs, hospitals, and corporations, as well as in the media (e.g. on CNN, FOX, CBS, the LEEZA Show, and other programs).

Paschane earned his MBA and BABC both from Jones International University with a specialization in Entrepreneurship with Summa Cum Laude honors. In addition, he earned an AA from Santa Monica College with an Associates of Arts with an emphasis in Physical Education with Honors and graduated with Honors from the USAF 396th Medical Training Group as a Diet Therapist and from the USAF 400th Technical Group as a Combat Medic and as a Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Specialist. In addition, Paschane earned an “Advanced Level: Personal Trainer Certification” in the early 90's and eventually earned eight (8) other well-known and respected certifications in areas such as fitness, nutrition, advanced biomechanics, sports training and conditioning, and corrective rehabilitation.

Paschane is also a Certified Yoga Teacher, as well as a Gold Medal Tournament winner competing as a Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

With more than three decades of success in the fitness industry, Paschane has developed the practical business acumen, communication competence, and innovative mindset that, when combined with his knowledge, experiences and education, puts him in a perfect position to lead VFCC.




VFCC Founder & CEO,
Chris Paschane has a legacy of serving others
in fitness since 1991

“In the veteran's support world, you can certainly fine virtuous veterans helping veterans, really smart businessmen, and expert practitioners. Unfortunately, it impossible to find these all wrapped up in one veteran advocate. Well, almost impossible ... Chris is proof that commitment to veterans, smart business development, and application of expert skills earned over decades of work CAN be found in one person. To top that off - his sense of ethics is nothing less than you'd expect from a military veteran - peerless. If your business, veterans' initiatives or fitness interests are aligned with Chris, you'll find no better partner, provider, or colleague!” 

Andy Gibbs, US Army Veteran; Chairman at Patriot Enterprise Project; Chairman, Veterans Business Institute

"Chris's personal & professional experience rank him among the most respected and seasoned professionals in the fitness industry."

- Richie Jaynes, BS: Former Gym Owner Dallas, TX; Strength & Conditioning Coach SMU; fitness & nutrition entrepreneur

Chris knows what it means to “serve” and has a genuine passion to serve those who have served our country. We are working on a program to use his services to put more veterans to work through VFCC's excellent fitness training and job placement program. I have made several referrals to government agencies because of his excellent company and program. It has been my privilege to know him and an honor to work with him.”

Michael Kissinger, US Army Special Forces Veteran & Business Development Director at the non-profit Swords to Plowshares

"Chris is not only an outstanding Fitness Educator, he is a gifted motivator. His ideas are revolutionizing the fitness industry."

- Dan Wirth, MS: Co-Owner of Sierra Athletic Club, Tucson, AZ and Former Director of Strength & Conditioning at University of Arizona

"Chris, Your creativity and entrepreneurial record, plus your intelligence and public relations skills are highlighted and noteworthy. Your spirit and work are exemplary and Ashland University is pleased to partner with you on providing better employment opportunities for vets. Your efforts are timely and making a positive difference for many people in need of personal assistance.
We are proud to be associated with you. Please keep up your outstanding service."

- Dr.John Sikula, Director, Division of Adult Studies & Veteran Services Ashland University’s Founders School of Continuing Education

"Chris is a very innovative, hard working and a personable individual. He always seems to be on the cutting edge of new concepts and ideas. Chris helped us 'initially' get Bowflex home gyms marketed in the late 90's. He has always been a man of his word and I value his friendship.”

-Brad Carlson, MS: Senior Strenght Training Specialist at Bowflex/Nautilus, Inc.

"Chris has the leadership skills that exemplify true greatness. He is 100% committed to delivering the best fitness e-Learning experience at Veterans Fitness Career College. His enthusiasm and determination is an inspiration to me and so many other veterans. Most of all, he is a true family man with a wonderful wife and a beautiful new born son. Chris and the VFCC team are doing something really awesome and I'm proud to be involved."

-Gary Carpenter, Board of Directors for the Veterans Business Owners Association


"At 31 years old, having transitioned from a career as an Intel Officer at the Pentagon to a Yoga Instructor in San Francisco, what I find compelling is people who are passionate and dedicated. The first conversation I ever had with Mr. Paschane led to me think "wow, this guy has found his passion and he is DEDICATED. Chris Paschane has cultivated a means for Vets to continue to dedicate their lives to helping others. Educating someone on how to be physically fit in a holistic sense is a gift that never ceases to give. This gift is what graduates of VFCC are able to contribute to our society. The FT program is clear, concise, extremely informative, prestigious in the wellness field and perfect for our busy lives.  VFCC will support you from beginning, through the middle, to the end and then some.  I highly encourage any Veteran looking for their next career move to turn towards VFCC.  You will not regret it."

-Kathleen Clemens, VFCC Alumni, US Navy Veteran

“Chris Paschane is a born leader, motivator, and inspirational life coach. His dedication to excellence goes beyond the gym or office. He strives to be an example in all areas of his life. Chris is also a masterful stragetist in business as well as a creative marketer. He is an all around great guy and I am pleased to know him.”
-Numair Khaled, Diversity Plan Action Co-Chair at Humboldt State University

“Chris's care and consideration for fellow veterans is more than words can express. He not only motivated me via his accomplishments, he also inspired me by investing his time and knowledge in coaching me to figure out what i wanted to do and what was best for my family and I. His confidence and knowledge in the fitness industry, ability to lead, coach, and train others is unquestionable and i felt nothing but comfort and trust while speaking with him. All of my answers where answered before i can even ask the question. If i had to describe Chris in a few words it would be knowledgeable, dependable, strong character and caring. Thank you Chris for everything.”

Tyrone Rodriguez, USMC Veteran & Alumni Veterans Fitness Career College

"Mr. Paschane is someone that I look up to and someone who has coached me through some vital learning curves. Chris has demonstrated his ability to teach and lead by example, and has proven sales and leadership experience.  I recommend the e-learning experience to all of my military friends and acquaintances. He is always gaining knowledge and experiences and that is what sets him apart.” 

Brenden Graves, VFCC Alumni, USMC Veteran

"Chris has a strong talent of overcoming odds and succeeding at whatever he does. That's a character you don't find often."

-Mike Urcelay, USMC Veteran and Owner of Military4Hire

“Chris and I served in the USAF together. His relentless pursuit for personal growth and excellence was pivotal to his success; and remains true to this day. He is a rare find with ethical and professional traits that have constantly set him apart. I wouldn't hesitate for a second to have Chris on my team in any capacity...he's just that versatile.”

-Bobby R. Howard, USAF Veteran; CEO, HISR, Inc.

 “Sergeant Chris Paschane performed an outstanding job promoting fitness awareness as Chairman of the 63rd Supply Squadron Wellness Committee, Norton Air force Base”

- William L. Lfevers, Col. USAF

  “Chris is a master of his craft. He provides great knowledge and a wealth of experience which in turn gives you great results. I am privileged to have studied and learned under him. I fully endorse and recommend Chris. As I always say, If you want to be the best, you need to learn from the best and that's Chris Pachane!”

Wilson Morales,  Fitness Trainer

Chris is as straight up as they come.  He’s hard working, honest, and knowledgeable and he has given me a new enthusiasm and motivation to be healthy and fit. He has changed my life dramatically for the better, and I can't recommend him highly enough.”

-Chris Puentes, CEO Interfresh

"Chris is indeed an incredible resource with great expertise in fitness protocols and obviously a 'maven' in exercise equipment!"

 - Mark A. Levinson, MD

 "In today's sometimes impersonal world it's very refreshing to deal with individuals that go the extra mile, like Chris does, to get his clients results."

 - Daniel M. Rude, D.C.

"Chris Paschane is truly a pioneer and a visionary in the fitness industry."

- Mark Leitgeb, MS: Former Head Strength & Conditioning Coach at SMU; and self-made millionaire / fitness entrepreneur

“Chris has always been known to seek out answers to difficult questions put to him. Bottom Line: He had a passion to seek and spread the truth about nutrition and fitness. The feedback from his clients is impressive. Their results spoke louder than anything--just as he promised them, "Nothing but 100% satisfaction." Even, the Pro Body Builders have been known to seek out his advice. We'll miss you as a person and an asset to our team. 

 -Angel Banos: Owner Gold's Gym Hollywood, North Hollywood, and Downtown LA, Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley

 "Chris helped me loose over 60 pounds. I just want to thank you for keeping me motivated. Your knowledge of exercise and nutrition is very impressive and extremely helpful. I couldn't have done this without you."

- Sue Kazdan, RN 

"If it wasn't for Chris, I would probably be one of those people who stopped working out after the first month. He loves his work. His passion inspires me to keep on exercising."

- Abbey Thatcher, Manager

"As a 53 years old female marathon runner and fitness enthusiast, over the last 30 years or so, I've keenly observed countless Fitness Trainers. Few Trainers, if any, have stood out to me as anything more than average—at best.  This all changed after meeting Mr. Chris Paschane. Chris’s vast knowledge and experiences about the subject matter went far beyond my expectations and he was so passionate and enthusiastic about each and every lesson, which made the learning process so much more enjoyable.  He is very compassionate with students who are struggling and he has a real talent for making complex concepts easier for students to understand.  Best of all, like a Coach, Chris really knew how to challenge, encourage, and motivate his students. Chris is the type of caring, professional, knowledgeable Fitness Expert I have been seeking to learn from throughout my entire fitness journey and I feel really fortunate to have had Chris as my Fitness Educator/Mentor".

- Liza Lower, Business Owner



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